Weather Balloon over the USA a safety issue? Threats to electrical grid security loom

(AUSTIN, TX) — Senator Bob Hall (R-Edgewood), has been sounding the alarm of the threats to the United States from weapons designed to destroy the electrical grid since first elected to office in 2015. In 2016, Senator Hall delivered a presentation to Enterprise Forum Texas that highlighted that the risk of an attack from an… Read more

Texas Electric Grid Update

While increasing capacity is important, we must not overlook the vulnerability of our grid to multiple threats. We must ensure it is both reliable and resilient by incorporating the necessary technologies that protect against both natural and man-made threats. Currently, the electric grid is vulnerable to a wide range of both natural and man-made existential… Read more

88th Legislative Session – Quick Snapshot Update…

Last week, the Lt. Governor Dan Patrick announced the Senate committee assignments. I was honored to be assigned Chairman of the Administration Committee and also serve on the Finance, Health & Human Services, Local Government, and Veteran Affairs Committees. I want to thank Lt. Governor Patrick for his confidence in appointing me to these positions…. Read more

Federal mandates for COVID vaccination of children and adults.

The data clearly shows that children are more likely to be seriously injured or killed by the COVID vaccine than COVID itself. The Frontline Clinical doctors, who have been successful in treating COVID patients and achieving very high survival rates, are adamantly opposed to a COVID vaccine for children. Texas must absolutely reject any federal… Read more

Why Texas Elections are Not Safe or Secure

The lack of accuracy, transparency and accountability in the current Texas election process means it would be impossible to present sufficient evidence in a court of law to prove that anyone elected to public office was actually the intent of the majority of those who voted in their election. The current Texas election process is… Read more

Prohibiting schools from requiring COVID vaccine for admission.

On November 17, 2022, Governor Abbott wrote to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and superintendents reminding them that, in Texas, parents get to choose what is best for the health and well-being of their children, and as such, school districts must accept vaccine exemptions and cannot require the COVID vaccine as a requirement for admission…. Read more

The unborn do not remain forever unborn.

Protecting those who cannot protect themselves is one of the primary roles of government, and no one is more incapable of protecting themselves than the unborn. A few months ago, I submitted a request to the Lt. Governor to have the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services conduct a study during the 87th on… Read more

Patients Rights Informed consent is a vital part of the Texas Health Code

When a loved one is admitted to the hospital, it is easy to let the doctors and nurses follow their training and use their extensive experience to help the patient recover from COVID-19. Today, however, hospital policies often get in the way of doctor-prescribed treatment plans. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have created… Read more

School Safety – For the Preservation of Life, Liberty, and Property

We are all grieving with the families who lost loved ones in the Uvalde shooting. Such horror does not fade overnight. However, as tragic as this incident is, the legislature has a responsibility to first know all the facts that contributed to the totality of the incident and the actions of all people and organizations… Read more

Oh Deer. If you think the problem is bad…

A question that the people of Texas deserve an answer to is “Who would use two state agencies like Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPWD) and Texas Animal Health Commission (TACH) to destroy a growing business sector that contributes to the Texas economy?” Each year in the State of Texas, billions of dollars are spent on… Read more