A compelling sense of duty, shaped by his military service, business experience, and love for this country, drives Sen. Bob Hall to leave behind the legacy of a patriotic servant for his children and grandchildren.

Envisioning their futures compelled him to become actively involved in the state’s political process and strongly believes it is time to stand in the gap for our children, our liberties and our future.


Although Texans have a vast list of priorities that need to be addressed, here are a few of my top priorities for the 89th Legislative Session. Election Integrity The lack of accuracy verifiability, transparency, and accountability in the current Texas election process means it would be impossible to present sufficient evidence in a court of... Read more

In God We Trust

Exceptionalism is the basis for America’s success. A continued drift from God will ultimately result in the loss of this blessing. The liberty principle of “freedom of religion” should be reestablished wherein all individuals (including pastors, teachers and government employees) are completely free at all times and places to freely express their religious beliefs and... Read more

Limited Government

The primary purpose of government is to protect citizens from both foreign and domestic threats and to ensure “regular” inter-state trade. The government’s powers should be limited to powers specifically stated in the Constitution. Congress should make no new laws and should eliminate all statutes, regulations, departments, programs, organizations, and commissions not clearly and specifically... Read more

Fiscal Responsibility

Our government should not spend money it does not have. Our tax system should encourage and support free enterprise, economic growth, be simple and fair, and support job retention in the United States. The IRS should be abolished along with the elimination of the inheritance (death) tax, gift tax, and capital gains tax. A constitutional... Read more

Rule of Law

As a constitutional republic, we are a nation of laws that emanate from our founding documents – the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The second greatest document ever written is the Constitution of the United States. This supreme law of the land is just as valid today as it was when first penned. It... Read more

Personal Responsibility

Only elected officials who say what they mean and mean what they say should remain in office. We must stop electing professional politicians who campaign on the right (Conservative) and then consistently vote with the left wing liberal Democrats. Individuals and families requesting taxpayer-funded assistance should be required to report all income and assets. Access... Read more