Personal Responsibility

Only elected officials who say what they mean and mean what they say should remain in office. We must stop electing professional politicians who campaign on the right (Conservative) and then consistently vote with the left wing liberal Democrats. Individuals and families requesting taxpayer-funded assistance should be required to report all income and assets. Access to social welfare should be based on need and should be means-tested. Only US citizens and legal residents should have temporary access to social welfare programs.

In Texas

The Rainy Day Fund (or ESF – Economic Stabilization Fund) should be preserved so that Texas can be strong and less dependent on the federal government in times of disaster. Our legislature and statewide officials should exercise fiscal restraint and personal responsibility to reduce our dependence on federal funds to balance the state budget. According to the Tax Foundation, Texas ranks 11th in the nation in dependence on federal funds to balance our state budget. Federal funds make up about 40% of our state budget. Given the $17 trillion federal debt, this is not wise or good for Texas.