Fiscal Responsibility

Our government should not spend money it does not have. Our tax system should encourage and support free enterprise, economic growth, be simple and fair, and support job retention in the United States. The IRS should be abolished along with the elimination of the inheritance (death) tax, gift tax, and capital gains tax. A constitutional tax must replace the current system by generating sufficient revenue for only the legitimate (Constitutional) tasks of the federal government; however, tax reform will work best if accompanied with meaningful spending reforms, termination of duplicated and overlapping agencies and programs, and the elimination of pork barrel spending in every form – especially in earmarks. These efforts are necessary in order to provide tax relief, reduce the debt, and balance the budget. A two-thirds majority of the U. S. House and Senate should be required before raising taxes. Such tax reforms will encourage investment and economic growth for the U. S. economy.

In Texas

Again, the TEA Party Caucus Advisory Committee of grassroots constitutional conservative citizens has it right: “Our country needs a strong Texas, ready to lead the way as the federal government spends more, taxes more, borrows more, regulates more, and strays further and further away from the US Constitution. It is, therefore, a matter of utmost urgency that our Legislature makes measurable progress to reduce the state’s dependence on federal dollars; to resist any increase in state debt; to get our state’s fiscal house in order; to uphold the rule of law at all times; to reduce regulation; and to set much higher standards in state government ethics and transparency.