Federal mandates for COVID vaccination of children and adults.

The data clearly shows that children are more likely to be seriously injured or killed by the COVID vaccine than COVID itself.

The Frontline Clinical doctors, who have been successful in treating COVID patients and achieving very high survival rates, are adamantly opposed to a COVID vaccine for children. Texas must absolutely reject any federal mandate for COVID vaccination of children and adults.

On October 20, 2022, the CDC’s vaccine advisors, who are completely controlled by Big Pharma, voted unanimously to add the COVID vaccine to the recommended schedule of childhood vaccines. Although this does not mean that Texas would automatically begin requiring it for school attendance, it does mean that, because of statutory authority, the Department of State Health Services could adopt it as a required childhood vaccine if it chose to.

This is not ok. The strongest arguments against requiring that children be vaccinated against COVID include:

  1. Data has shown that children have less than a 0.02% chance of complications resulting from COVID. Most have only minor cold-like symptoms for a couple of days.
  2. The efficacy of the vaccine wanes after 8 months, and even more alarming, has a negative efficacy.
  3. It is known that young men are especially at risk of developing myocarditis, a condition that causes the heart to become inflamed and can cause sudden death.
  4. There are NO studies showing the safety of these vaccines on the long-term effect of reproduction in females. Many women have reported changes in their menstrual cycle after being vaccinated, so there is a known correlation, but the effects are unknown.
These vaccines were developed at “warp speed,” with many unknown side effects, and the drug manufacturers, specifically Pfizer, blatantly lied to Congress and the American people, leading us to believe that this vaccine would provide immunization against COVID and also reduce the transmission of the disease to others. Just this past week, a top Pfizer executive admitted in testimony before the European Parliament that their COVID vaccine was never tested to prevent transmission, so there was no factual data to support their recommendation that people be vaccinated in order to “return to a normal life.”

The level of deception is truly astounding.

At this point, there is no credible evidence to suggest that children will be healthier or at less risk of developing serious health conditions if they receive the COVID vaccine. As such, we will be filing legislation to prevent the Department of State Health Services from adding it to the list of required childhood immunizations.