Texas Electric Grid Update

While increasing capacity is important, we must not overlook the vulnerability of our grid to multiple threats. We must ensure it is both reliable and resilient by incorporating the necessary technologies that protect against both natural and man-made threats.

Currently, the electric grid is vulnerable to a wide range of both natural and man-made existential threats, including cyber-attacks, malware, electromagnetic pulses (EMP) and geomagnetic disturbances (GMD) that would, at best, disrupt the grid, and at worst, cause the entire grid to go down. Electricity affects almost every aspect of our modern life: healthcare, transportation, banking, sanitation, water, and food.

Electricity is the second most important thing for sustaining life as we now know it. The state does not have a robust plan in place to address a widespread, long-term power outage. Since electricity is vital for survival, if the grid goes down, thousands of people risk losing their life.

Solutions to harden the grid, once thought to be too expensive, can now be implemented at a fraction of the cost due to technological advances. While some cities and localities have implemented measures to harden their infrastructure, it is time for Texas to take steps to ensure the safety of all Texans by addressing grid vulnerabilities.

I have filed, Senate Bill 330, to address these infrastructure needs.

Watch a video update on the Texas Electric Grid here.