Is I-635 East going to be tolled just for the Regional Transportation Council to create a slush fund?

Un-elected bureaucrats at the Regional Transportation Council (RTC) are attempting to coerce local elected officials into a tolled outcome on parts of Interstate-635 (from at least US-75 to Miller Road, if not all the way to I-30). The project is referred to as the LBJ East Managed Lane Project, where the term ‘managed lane’ brings with it… Read more

Capitol Hall Report – October 20, 2015

It’s Time to End Gun Free Zones It was about 20 minutes into the 7:00 p.m. showing of “Trainwreck” when moviegoers heard a couple of pops, like a sound effect glitch. However, when the sounds rang out again it became horribly clear that this was something else entirely. Soon two young women lay fatally shot,… Read more


(Canton, TX) — Thursday, Senator Bob Hall’s personal plane crashed in College Station. The plane was being operated by a friend of the Senator. Excerpt from KBTX report: The small aircraft crashed in the 11000 block of North Dowling Road. FAA says the plane, a Cessna 172, appears to have lost power. News 3 has… Read more

Senator Bob Hall Endorses Ted Cruz

    SENATOR BOB HALL ENDORSES TED CRUZ FOR PRESIDENT AUSTIN — Thursday, Senator Bob Hall joined his conservative colleagues, Konni Burton and Brian Birdwell, in publicly endorsing Ted Cruz for President of the United States. Senator Hall was recently ranked as the most conservative Senator in Texas by Rice University. Hall made the endorsement… Read more

Capitol Hall Report August 11, 2015

Ranked in the Top Conservative Echelons The leading grassroots organizations rate the Texas legislative bodies after each session in order to give voters a meaningful picture of each legislator’s voting record. Most of these groups have now posted their ratings. These independent evaluation confirm that I did what I said I was going to do:… Read more

Capitol Hall Report August 20, 2015 – Texas Deserves a Secure Electric Grid, Part Three

Twenty-first century technology and today’s geo-political environment has significantly elevated the significant threats to the safety of Texas.  In particular, the catastrophic effects of an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) event, either man-made or natural, could dramatically affect our lives as we know it.  This is a nationwide threat; however, Texas stands alone in its ability… Read more

A Brief on the 84th Legislative Session

Everyone asks at the end of each legislative session, “Was it a good session?” And the Republican legislators often answer that question by saying, “It was a great session;” or “It was the most conservative session yet!” or “We passed lots of good, conservative legislation.” I want to answer that question by presenting to you… Read more

SB 893 Frequently Asked Questions:

Did SB 893 reduce the pay for every teacher down to $27,000 per year? No, absolutely not; this is far from the truth. SB 893 simply removes the outdated and virtually unused minimum teacher salary schedule from statute.  However, as a protection for teachers, the previous floor of $2, 7 54 per month was retained…. Read more

Busting the Myths of SB 893

In today’s information age, myths and half-truths can be passed off as accurate information and disseminated to a broad unsuspecting audience.  Purveyors of these myths and half-truths demonstrate a common willingness to spread rumors and hearsay and create fear, uncertainty, and doubt.  Opponents of SB 893 have engaged in just such tactics.  Fortunately, a thorough… Read more

An Interstate Compact for Border Security

An Interstate Compact for Border Security The refusal of the federal government to protect our national borders and enforce federal immigration laws has facilitated the unnecessary loss of thousands of lives and millions of dollars in property. Our duty to compassion for human life is to require legal, orderly entry into our country. By not… Read more