Editorial: Women and Children’s Protection and Safe Spaces Act

Women and Children’s Protection and Safe Spaces Act

It is time to address this so called “transgender bathroom” issue and discuss the consequences that the backers and media do not want you to know.

Warning. This is a very frank article describing the reality of the recently created issue that is being mislabeled as “transgender access to bathrooms”

This newly created issue around who should have access to which locker room or bath room has nothing to do with people who self-identify as transgender. Transgender individuals are being used as pawns by the left to further their agenda of destroying the American family to increase individual dependence on government.

What the so called “transgender bathroom” advocates don’t want you to know is that it will allow all males unlimited access to all female locker rooms, showers, and toilets. They won’t tell you that this means that the teenage boys, teachers, and coaches will have every right to take their showers with the girls and the parents will have no say in it.

The insensitivity, of the people behind this contrived issue, to the privacy rights and safety rights of women and children is appalling. Even the supreme court has confirmed that every woman and child has a right to personal privacy and expectation of protection against a violation of that right. Clearly allowing any man unfettered access to the women’s locker room shower and their bathroom grossly violates their right to privacy.

The harm that will come by allowing any male total access to the girls locker room creates far greater problems than any perceived problem of maintaining traditional family values.

There is no doubt that there are many adult and adolescent male perverts who have long wished for an opportunity to get a peek into the girls shower room. The policy being proposed in the Ft Worth ISD and by our president, will give all males free access to visit the girl’s locker room any time they have a desire to view young naked female bodies taking a shower or in various stages of dressing and undressing. Of course the same free access applies to the boys locker room for those females who like to view young male bodies.

There is also the question of safety. Every female has a right to expect a safe environment and to not live in fear of a sexual assault. It is one thing to have privacy violated by a voyeur. But it is inconceivable to not recognize that this policy would also result in actions that go way beyond satisfying sexual fantasies by just looking. What about the time when the male finds a female alone in the shower? This is where a female’s life could be shattered and brutally damaged.

To just stand by and let a few individuals establish rules or policies that could put the physical and mental well-being of millions of women and children in jeopardy just so those individuals making those rules and policies can advance their immoral agenda is irresponsible.

We in public office have an obligation to protect the people; especially the vulnerable. We have ample laws in place to address bullying and improper discrimination. Instead of changing policies to endanger our women and children, just simply require that current laws be enforced.

Obama’s policy violates every aspect of America’s foundation and the purpose of government which is to protect the rights of people. That protection must be fair and compassionate. His new rule is just the opposite. It creates an unsafe environment by giving free access to straight males to the girl’s locker room where they can entertain themselves at the expense of the innocent girls. It provides an unsafe environment for a few straight male perverts to visually and physical molest innocent girls.

There is nothing fair about putting the safety and well-being of the vast majority of females and children at risk to accommodate a very small percentage of the population. There is nothing compassionate about a policy that will result in the physical and emotional trauma the vast majority of women will suffer just to accommodate a few people.