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Commentary: Part 3 – The Hospital/Doctor

This is the third of a four-part series on a case study of liberty loss through government overreach. In what can only be characterized as an extreme miscarriage of justice, the Texas Department of Child Protective Services (CPS) got an emergency court order in Kaufman County to remove a 4-year-old boy from his family. On… Read more

Commentary: Part 2 – CPS Caseworker

This is the second of a four-part series on a case study of liberty loss through government overreach.   This government agency, Child Protective Services (CPS), is the genesis of this problem and others like it. As has been confirmed multiple times, CPS does not know when or under what circumstances it is in the… Read more

Commentary: Part 1 – CPS Heavy-Handed Overreach

This is the first of a four-part series on a case study of liberty loss through government overreach. When the overreaching heavy hand of the government leads to even one instance of injustice, a little bit of liberty is lost for all citizens. On July 2, 2019, in Kaufman County, Texas, another piece of liberty… Read more

86th Legislative Session Update

My staff in the Capitol office is continuing to analyze the 7,437 bills filed in the 86th Legislature. The Senate is responsible for just under 3,000 of those, while our counterparts in the House filed an incredible 5,733 separate pieces of legislation. This does not include emergency bills that could be added later by Governor… Read more

Honoring and Serving Our Veterans in Texas

Honoring and Serving Our Veterans in Texas As an veteran myself, I am honored this session to be Vice Chair of the Senate Committee on Veteran Affairs & Border Security.  Last week in the first meeting of the committee we heard testimony from multiple state agencies about the services that they provide to veterans. Texas… Read more

Taxpayer Funded Lobbying

Let’s keep your tax dollars from funding support for causes you don’t agree with Governmental entities and non-profit organizations currently funded with public taxpayer dollars are using those dollars to hire lobbyists to advocate against Texas Legislature bills intended to protect taxpayers. That is right, your tax dollars are being used to lobby against reductions… Read more

Driver Reform: Keeping Texas Motorists Behind The Wheel

Government exists to serve the people. When government claims a need to regulate certain activities or aspects of our lives, it is imperative that it do so in the most non-intrusive way. The Department of Public Safety (DPS), who administers Texas’ driver licensing program, has lost sight of that principle. The vast majority of adults… Read more

Advances of the Culture of Death in America

How the Left’s recent actions and reactions in New York and Virginia have renewed the battle between life and death. Nearly seven decades ago, beloved children’s writer, Dr. Seuss, penned Horton Hears a Who about the adventures of Horton the elephant trying to save the tiny citizens of Whoville. Because his peers could neither see… Read more

Sustaining Economic Prosperity Through Resilient Energy Communities  

Sustaining Economic Prosperity Through Resilient Energy Communities The Resilient Communities program, which will protect our electrical grid from natural and manmade threats -(EMP/GMD/Cyber/Physical) – is, by far the single best opportunity to ensure sustainable economic prosperity for future generations of Texans. There was a time when life without electricity was the norm. By the 1930s,… Read more

Capitol Hall Report – Property Tax Relief

Property Tax Relief Property tax relief must be a top priority for the 86th Legislature. According to the Tax Foundation, Texas now has the sixth highest property tax burden in the nation. Not only are the inordinately high property tax rates oppressive to tax payers, but they are fundamentally unhealthy for the Texas economy. The… Read more