Why Texas Elections are Not Safe or Secure.

Why Texas Elections are Not Safe or Secure.

The lack of accuracy, transparency, and accountability in the current Texas election process means it would be impossible to present sufficient evidence in a court of law to prove that anyone elected to public office was actually the intent of the majority of those who voted in their election.

The current Texas election process is a true “BLACK-BOX” operation. Why? Because there is no TRANSPARENCY, no ACCOUNTABILITY, and the ACCURACY is unknowable. There are only three things we know for sure at the conclusion of a Texas election:

1. Some unknown number of people cast votes,

2. The voting period began and ended; and

3. Winners were declared by a governing body.

Our elections are too important not to have a system that delivers a high degree of confidence that the will of the people is being respected. The current system does not do that. There are a number of reasons for this unfortunate, degraded condition of our election process.