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Protection of Texas’ Foremost Monument: The Alamo

The narrative at the Alamo grounds must tell the truth about her defenders and the 1836 Battle of the Alamo.  The Battle of the Alamo was a defining moment in the history of Texas and illustrates the passion the early settlers had for freedom and independence. The battle cry “Remember the Alamo!” still stirs the… Read more

Taxpayer Funded Lobbying

Let’s keep your tax dollars from funding support for causes you don’t agree with Governmental entities and non-profit organizations currently funded with public taxpayer dollars are using those dollars to hire lobbyists to advocate against Texas Legislature bills intended to protect taxpayers. That is right, your tax dollars are being used to lobby against reductions… Read more

Driver Reform: Keeping Texas Motorists Behind The Wheel

Government exists to serve the people. When government claims a need to regulate certain activities or aspects of our lives, it is imperative that it do so in the most non-intrusive way. The Department of Public Safety (DPS), who administers Texas’ driver licensing program, has lost sight of that principle. The vast majority of adults… Read more

Advances of the Culture of Death in America

How the Left’s recent actions and reactions in New York and Virginia have renewed the battle between life and death. Nearly seven decades ago, beloved children’s writer, Dr. Seuss, penned Horton Hears a Who about the adventures of Horton the elephant trying to save the tiny citizens of Whoville. Because his peers could neither see… Read more

Sustaining Economic Prosperity Through Resilient Energy Communities  

Sustaining Economic Prosperity Through Resilient Energy Communities The Resilient Communities program, which will protect our electrical grid from natural and manmade threats -(EMP/GMD/Cyber/Physical) – is, by far the single best opportunity to ensure sustainable economic prosperity for future generations of Texans. There was a time when life without electricity was the norm. By the 1930s,… Read more

Capitol Hall Report – Property Tax Relief

Property Tax Relief Property tax relief must be a top priority for the 86th Legislature. According to the Tax Foundation, Texas now has the sixth highest property tax burden in the nation. Not only are the inordinately high property tax rates oppressive to tax payers, but they are fundamentally unhealthy for the Texas economy. The… Read more

Capitol Hall Report – Time to End Social Security Inequity for Teachers and Other Public

Time to End Social Security Inequity for Teachers and Other Public Servants Correcting the inequity created by the federal government wherein retired public school teachers cannot receive the full benefit of Social Security is long overdue. This inequity was created by the federal government, and only the federal government can correct it. In 1983, the… Read more

Capitol Hall Report – Remember the Alamo!

Nothing stirs the hearts of a true Texan more than the battle cry, “Remember the Alamo!” The Alamo is the shrine of Texas independence and has been since the last shot rang out over the fort’s walls in 1836. But over the years, the Alamo has suffered abuse from the elements, 19th-century construction, city encroachment,… Read more

Senator Bob Hall Announces Filing for Re-Election

Senator Bob Hall announced that he has filed for re-election to the Texas Senate and has a strong campaign of grassroots leaders and conservative support for his re-election. “I have a proven, conservative record and, as your Senator, I have done exactly as I said I would when I first ran,” said Hall. “Support for… Read more

Texas Transportation Officials Defy Governor and Legislature in Attempt to Force Toll Road Expansion

Texas Transportation Officials Defy Governor and Legislature in Attempt to Force Toll Road Expansion When Governor Abbott, the adult in the room, said, “No new taxes or toll roads,” he was speaking for the people of Texas and meant what he said. Unfortunately, the leadership at the Regional Transportation Councils (RTC) and TxDOT are defiantly… Read more