In light of the recent Paris terrorist attack stemming from those posing as refugees, I strongly believe it is irresponsible to accept any Syrian refugees into Texas.  Posing as refugees has become the camouflage of the modern day terrorist.

We have been at war with Islamic terrorists since our country was established in 1789. The first president to stand-up to the radicals from the middle east and take the battle to the Islamic terrorists was Thomas Jefferson when he sent the US Marines into Tripoli to fight the Barbary Pirates.  The world’s problem with the hate filled Islamic terrorists has existed for thousands of years. The so-called Muslim religion, which is also a theocracy, was created on a foundation of hate by Mohammed.

The destabilization of the middle east by the US and other western countries has greatly escalated the Islamic terrorist wars with all non-Muslims world-wide. Unfortunately, President Obama has made a bad situation even worse by his failed policies.  It is very difficult, if not impossible for any rational thinking person to not conclude that President Obama has carefully crafted his actions and policies to pave the way for an Islamic terrorist war on American soil. All of Obama’s domestic policies to date have been carefully crafted to weaken America.  Perhaps he now feels that America is weak enough to bring in his true allies and finish the job he promised to do if he was elected; “fundamentally change America”.  But let’s not overlook the fact that, President Obama could not have done this without the willing assistance he has been given by the US House and Senate.

In addition, federal reports show the majority of criminal aliens crossing our southern border are not just from Mexico but are from countries supporting ISIS or other terrorist groups.  The federal government has showed  it cannot be depended upon to keep Americans safe.  While ISIS is exploiting our open Southern border, the federal government sits idly by doing nothing.  We are in a state of emergency and Texas must step-up and do whatever it take to secure our Southern border immediately.

I applaud Governor Abbott’s action of telling President Obama that the State of Texas will not accept any more Syrian refugees.  I stand committed to doing everything in my power to make Texas a safe place to live!