Lt. Governor Patrick Assigns Senator Hall to Senate Select Committee on Election Security

Lt. Governor Patrick Assigns Senator Hall to Senate Select Committee on Election Security


AUSTIN, TX –  Friday, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick appointed Senator Bob Hall to the Senate Select Committee on Election Security.  This committee has been charged with reviewing voting security protocols, as well as, the responsibilities and duties of members of the Electoral College.

Specifically the committee shall examine the use of electronic voting machines and paper ballots, voting fraud and disenfranchisement that may be occurring inside nursing homes and assisted living facilities, outside interference and manipulation of elections, and the voting requirements of presidential electors. The committee will make recommendations to safeguard the integrity of state elections, ensure the confidentiality and security of voting records, and ensure the will of the people is reflected through their ballot and carried out through their presidential electors.

“This is an extremely important issue to the strength of our representative form of government.  I recognize that the integrity of our electoral system is of paramount importance to the security of our nation and future,”  Senator Hall continued. “We must ensure the rights of Texas voters are protected from fraud and corruption.  Voting irregularities in recent elections have undermined the peoples’ confidence in their elected leaders and our representative democracy.  The people expect and deserve an election process that is above reproach.”

“The confidence in our system needs accountability, including the ability to post-facto, independently confirm that all votes cast are counted as intended by the voter, that all voters were given equal access to voting and that their rights were not infringed.”

“As evidenced by the election results in Hill County during the 2014 primary election, current Texas law does not provide that confidence. The Election Security Committee will be tasked with specifically addressing the security of our elections and ensuring the disenfranchisement and voting fraud of previous elections are not repeated in the future,” closed Senator Hall.