Hall Campaign Launches A New Radio Ad

Senator Slams Burkett Lies

EDGEWOOD, TX – Texas State Senator Bob Hall’s campaign released a new radio ad today in response to two recent campaign mailers sent by his liberal opponent, Cindy Burkett.

“The backlash against the smear campaign tactics of Cindy Burkett is profound. The sleazy mailers orchestrated by Burkett are not playing well with the voters in Senate District 2,” said Allen Blakemore, Hall Campaign Chief Strategist.

“Burkett’s attacks are the last gasp of a failed campaign. She couldn’t cover up her liberal votes, so she went straight to the gutter.

“While we know that the vast majority of her mailers went straight to the trash where they belong, we do not want any voter to think her hate-filled rhetoric has even an ounce of truth to it. So, we produced this radio ad:

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN: https://soundcloud.com/user-114722497/bob-hall-desperate-radio-60/s-jlCtL 

“The voters know Bob Hall is consistently ranked as the most conservative State Senator in Texas by multiple groups. They know Bob Hall supported property tax reforms that would stop the out-of-control property taxes.

“Burkett’s actions are disgusting. She should be ashamed,” Blakemore concluded.