Capitol Hall Report – Latest Update – Liberty Loss Through Government Overreach – Part 5

Case Study of Liberty Loss Through Government Overreach – Part 5

After the latest court hearing on the Pardo case, there is much to be thankful for.   As the Supreme Court’s order to return Drake to his family had previously signaled, the Kaufman family court finally dismissed with prejudice the fabricated CPS case against the Pardos. CPS failed to convince the court there was ever a threat to Drake’s welfare or safety. The Pardos are delighted to have this shadow over their family lifted as they rejoice in their blessings this Christmas season.

The bad news, if there is any, is that the agreement of CPS to end this case means that the Texas Supreme Court will not likely issue a final ruling in the case pending before them. This means that CPS will continue to be able to use the same underhanded and misguided tactics against other families without restraint or direction from the state’s highest court.

This case brought home to me the agony a family can be put through when state employees, or those appointed to represent the “best interests” of a party to the case, can allow their personal opinions or preferences to cloud their judgment. In Drake’s case his attorney ad litem was offended that I had taken an interest in the case. Rather than accept that CPS and all other parties agreed that re-uniting the family was the appropriate thing to do, she attempted to keep the agency involved in the family’s lives. Kudos again to the judge for seeing through the self serving request by the ad litem and approving the agreement reached between the Pardos and CPS.

I recognize the need for, and appreciate the efforts of our dedicated CPS employees. However, they have a professional responsibility to ensure that their activities actually do help children and do not cause them harm. And, if or when a mistake is made, they should quickly admit it and not be afraid to do the right thing. That responsibility was not met in this case. Drake and his siblings are blessed to have a loving family, but they will never again feel the safety and security in that family that they had prior to the government’s involvement for fear that the Government is always looking over their shoulder.

On Friday, December 20, it was my privilege to meet the new commissioner that oversees CPS. Commissioner Jamie Masters, appointed by Governor Abbott, began her work in early December and has hit the ground running. I am greatly encouraged by her vision for the agency and its employees. She is well respected by her former employers, employees, and co-workers. I believe she has the leadership and respect needed to help DFPS fulfill its mission to protect children and families.