Capitol Hall Report – January 27, 2017 – Welcome to the 85th Legislative Session

On Tuesday, January 10th, my team and I hosted a number of guests from Senate District 2 in a reception we held to celebrate the opening day of the 85th Texas Legislative Session.   I also took the oath to “preserve, protect, and defend” the Constitution of Texas and the Constitution of the United States. (Article 16, Texas Constitution)

Until May 29, 2017,  we will be working with my fellow legislators to pass a conservative budget and meaningful reform for all Texans.  As we review legislation, my staff and I have a guiding set of principle:

 1.  Is it Constitutional?
2.  Does it support a core function of government?
3.  Does it increase, personal liberty, free enterprise, personal responsibility, or property rights?
4.  Will it decrease; spending, taxes/fees, government control, regulations, or federal overreach?
5.  Is it right for moral people?
Last week, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick also has assigned senators to their respective committees.  I am happy to report that I have been named Vice Chairman of Transportation.  I was also appointed to serve on Education, Agriculture, Water, & Rural Affairs, and Veterans Affairs & Border Security.According to the legislative priorities set by Senate leadership, these four committees will make pivotal decisions on important issues ranging from school choice, to toll roads, to securing the Texas-Mexico border, and provides us an opportunity to have a meaningful impact on important legislative matters this session.Broken up in the next coming weeks, our office will release a four part Capitol Hall Report on our 85th Legislative Session legislative priorities packet.  These reports assist people with a better understanding of the bills that I have authored.We look forward to the work laid before us  and we will keep you posted on legislative items and events as we move through the 85th Legislative Session.   Please feel free to contact our office, at 512.463.0102,  with any concerns you have about upcoming legislation.

Page for a Day:

The Texas Senate offers an opportunity for young people to experience life in the Texas Legislature in the “Page-for-a-Day Program”  and we would like to invite the people of Senate District 2 to participate. Candidates will take on the tasks of Senate Messengers for a three-hour slot, delivering messages between offices, and assisting Senate staff.  Candidates must be between the age of 6 and 18. Contact our office at 512-463-0102 to find out more information and to apply.

Introducing Senate District 2 Team:

Please allow me to take a moment and introduce your Senate District 2 team shown below.



Senate District 2 Team from Left to Right: Jack Murray (Capitol Office), Anna Holt (Greenville Office), Greg Bray (Rockwall Office), Kathi Seay (Capitol Office), Ron Jacobus (Capitol Office), Chad Dees (Capitol Office), Destin Sensky (Canton Office), Jonathan Covey (Capitol Office),  Amy Lane (Capitol Office),  and Alex Ntchobo (Capitol Office). Seated: Senator Bob Hall  Not Pictured: Sara Cover (Rockwall Office)



Amy Lane
Chief of Staff

Capitol Office

Amy Lane continues with Senator Halls Office and brings more than 10 years’ in legislative experience. Mrs. Lane leads your full Senate District 2 team, both in Austin and the District, out of the Capitol Office.  Need to reach Amy? [email protected]v


Kathi Seay
Policy Director

Capitol Office   

Kathi Seay is a newer member for the Senate District 2 Team, but not new to the legislature at all. Kathi Seay comes to Senate District 2 with more than 25 years’ experience in the legislative environment.  Her knowledge in policy is a tremendous asset to your Senate District 2 and to the State of Texas.   Need to reach Kathi? [email protected].



Destin Sensky
District Director

Canton District Office

Destin Sensky leads the Senate District 2 District Team out of the Canton, TX District Office. Bringing his experience in outreach and constituent services to your district.  Need to reach Destin? [email protected].