I Am Honored to Have Allen West’s Support

I am honored to have Col. Allen West’s support. I received this letter from my good friend, and I want to share it with you. Please read this letter and then sign your name in the form below to be part of our grassroots support network in Senate District 2.

For Liberty,

Senator Hall

Allen B West

“Greetings y’all, Col. Allen West here, I came back to Texas in January 2015. My last duty assignment in the US Army was Ft. Hood, and being a graduate of the University of Tennessee, there is a special bond, link, between Tennessee Volunteers and Texas. Texas has always held that certain aura of true Americanism. It is a place indicative of the indomitable rugged individualism and determination that defines America. When we think of Texas, we think of resolute men and women who honor the legacy of those brave Texians of Gonzales, and the Alamo. The title Texan is about standing for something, and here in the Lone State State, Texas, that stand is for liberty. As I travel this great State and meet so many wonderful folks, I see a recommitment to that fundamental American principle, individual freedom. This is liberty’s last stand, Texas. And as we face the liberal progressive invasion from failed leftist States, it becomes highly imperative that we have the best possible Constitutional Conservative representatives in Austin…a city no longer reflective of Texas values.

I met Senator Bob Hall early on in my return to Texas, and we have worked together on a critical issue, hardening our Texas grid system from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attack. In those times we have had many an insightful conversation about issues regarding economic growth, better education opportunities, border, and national security. Now, I do not offer endorsements in a primary contest, but I must ask, why is Senator Hall of Texas Senate District 2 being primary challenged? I have grave concerns that here in Texas having the (Rep) designation after ones name doesn’t exactly denote one embraces constitutional conservative principles, Texas values. Here in Texas, we have a true fight on our hands to ensure the values evidenced in the governing bodies of Austin, Dallas, Houston, and  San Antonio do not overtake this State. There is an ideological confrontation in America, in Texas, that centers around the relationship of the individual and government. America, and certainly Texas, has always believed in the sovereignty of the individual over the institution of government. Sadly, there are those calling themselves Americans, and Texas, who reject that foundational premise of our Constitutional Republic, and the once Republic of Texas. If Texas is lost, America is no more. Therefore, I offer this note of encouragement to Texas State Senator Bob Hall in his reelection bid. Senator Hall may have a bit of a quirky persona, but his intentions, his exertions, are in the finest traditions of Texas.

Ask yourself a simple question, does Senator Bob Hall possess the same kind of spirit to take a stand on the right side of the line drawn by Colonel Travis at the Alamo? I think he does, and I wish him well in the upcoming election.”

Lieutenant Colonel Allen B. West (US Army, Retired)
Member, 112th US Congress
Tennessee Volunteer ’83

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