Bob Hall is an honorable man. Just as he served honorably in the U.S. Air Force, we can trust him to serve the people in Senate District 2 with honor. Bob has  displayed a tireless commitment to serve his fellow Texans while striving for our conservative ideals. He will defend our faith, our families and our freedoms. I invite my friends to join me in supporting Bob Hall for the Texas Senate.

Cathie Adams
President, Eagle Forum – Dallas, Texas

We desperately need constitutionally conservative leadership in Austin – public servants who will put our state government back into a constitution-sized box in order to cut regulation and spending. This means getting state government back into its proper role – funding only those core constitutional functions of state government – not feeding special interests.

Texas is 11th in the nation in dependency on federal funds. We must reverse this addiction to make Texas strong, and we need responsible legislators who will stop the “borrow and spend” abuse that has grown our state debt 125% in the last ten years.

We need elected officials who will put the citizens of Texas first. That means jobs and taxpayer services should go to citizens and legal residents, period. Texans cannot afford a social safety net for all who want to jump in, and it is time for our state officials to get a backbone and live by the oath of office – to uphold the rule of law – all of it, all of the time!

I am confident Bob Hall is the kind of leader we need in the Texas Senate.

He’s smart. He’s tough. He’s a patriot. Fellow Texans, Bob Hall will never be “for sale” to the special moneyed interests in Austin. Please join me in supporting Bob Hall for the Texas Senate. He’ll stand strong for the people of Texas.”

JoAnn Fleming
Executive Director, Grassroots America – Chair, Legislature’s TEA Party Caucus Advisory Committee, Tyler, Texas

Bob Hall has proven himself to be a fighter for the conservative values of fiscal responsibility and limited government while working with the Canton Area TEA Party and many additional grassroots organizations.

Bob is a firm believer that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land and every vote he will cast as a State Senator will be in strict accordance to the US Constitution and the Texas Constitution.

Michael Kinzie
Founder, TeaParty911.com – Sulphur Springs, TX

Once in a great while a good man comes along and runs for office for the RIGHT reasons. Bob Hall is one of those rare individuals who has captured all of the true character traits that define leadership, principle and courage. We in the electorate will not have to guessabout the way or motivation for his votes. He will cast his vote base on God’s Commandmentsand what is Good for Texans– We will have a man who will defend Texas and Texans for now and future generations. Bob has my full endorsement.

Ray Myers
Chairman, Kaufman Tea Party – Forney, Texas

The Delta County Tea Party is proud to endorse Bob Hall for the Texas State Senate,District 2. Bob is a true Christian,Constitutional Conservative.

Jerry Derr
Delta County Tea Party – Commerce, Texas

We are proud to announce that we have chosen to endorse Bob Hall for State Senator, District 2. Remember that name. We hope that our endorsement will help you when you enter the voting booth this week. Early voting begins today, and there are 46 open or contested seats in the State Legislature. We believe that these are key races in keeping Texas conservative. The Conservative Republicans of Texas PAC knows that choosing which candidate to vote for can often be confusing, and finding good information about the quality of a leader is not always easy.

We endorsed Bob Hall because of his great character, and the belief that he has what it takes to preserve our conservative beliefs in Texas.

Confident of victory, I remain, as always,

Dr. Steve Hotze
President of Conservative Republicans of Texas

The reason that I am personally endorsing Bob Hall is that he is a man of integrity who believes in the rule of law and our Constitution.   Bob Hall will ask and vote accordingly subject to the important questions:  “Is it , moral, ethical and Constitutional?

Larry Korkmas
President of TFIRE (Texans For Immigration Reduction and Enforcement)

I am very honored to know Bob Hall and to personally  endorse him in his run for Texas Senate District 2. Bob is a true patriot who will fight and take a strong  stand against dangerous legislation designed to destroy or weaken Texas – whether immigration or education related. He understands the efforts of those who are working to morph Texas into  California and he will not give in when pressured.   Bob will fight to keep Texas strong, prosperous, and independent. Bob Hall understands what must be done to save our Texas and America & he  will be a tremendous citizen servant.  I am confident Bob Hall will remain steadfast in doing what is best for America & the citizens of Texas.

Rebecca Forest
President & Co-Founder, WomenOnTheWall.org

Tea Teams USA wishes to throw its support behind Bob Hall running for district 2 Senate seat of the great state of Texas, Bob is the type of person most patriots dream to have a public office, he owes no allegiance to manufacturing, businesses, doctors, lawyers and insurance companies, he believes in the Constitution and what it stands for. Bob owes allegiance only to the people of Texas, for the people of Texas, and will listen to the people of Texas, and everything we as Americans hold dear. We at Tea Teams USA are starting to endorse candidates in local and national elections throughout the country, we have national membership in all 50 states, Texas is our largest membership today and our first endorsement, Bob Hall will make a great Senate candidate that you can depend on to listen to the citizen’s needs.

I am Rick Ballou National Communications Director for the teams USA with our state captain John Tweedell and other members in the great state of Texas wish to see Bob Hall elected as your Senator, come help and join Bob Hall in 2014 for a great election campaign.

Rick Ballou
National Communications Director, Tea Teams USA

THSC Association Supports Bob Hall for Texas Senate District 2

The lack of principled and conservative representation in the Texas Senate is as apparent now as ever.  Having Senators who will defend the rights of the citizens who elected them, even if they are fighting alone, is a rare thing.  Bob Hall’s willingness to challenge the establishment for the sake of his state illustrates the importance that he placed on the people of Texas.  Hisunderstanding of parental rights, limited government, and the Constitution are what make him stand out among his peers.

Texas Home School Coalition Association President Tim Lambert announced the Association’s support of Bob Hall for Texas Senate District 2 by saying, “Bob Hall’s dedication to the people of Texas could not be more apparent.  His transparency and firm understanding of the issues facing Texas today are qualities that are in high demand in the Texas Legislature.  Mr Hall has our full support in his candidacy for Texas Senate.”

Tim Lambert, President
Texas Home School Coalition

Happy to support such a strong patriot. Bob Hall will serve with a servant’s heart and a lion’s spirit!

Rosemary Edwards
Chairman Travis County Republicans

I wholeheartedly endorse Bob Hall for Texas Senate in SD 2.  I have known Bob for several years now and I’m truly impressed by his integrity and the commitment he has shown toward restoring constitutional principles and the Rule of Law for Texas.  SD 2 will be blessed to have Bob as State Senator!

Tammy Blair
Retired Chair of Tyler Tea Party, Candidate for Cherokee County Judge

As an advocate of securing our borders and enforcing our current laws on illegal immigration, I personally endorse Bob Hall in his bid for Texas State Senate. The Texas Legislature is rife with politicians who rather than represent their constituents, represent those interests that give the big contributions to their re-election bids.  When there is a critical vote to enact legislation such as the Sanctuary City bill, they cave to business interests eager to shove the cost of cheap labor onto the backs of unsuspecting taxpayers.  Bob Hall has been with us in the trenches, and I know that he will not bow when that call comes.

Maria Martinez
For purposes of identification only Immigration Reform Coalition of Texas (IRCOT)